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John Oliver at Art school

John Oliver at Art school

I was pleased to get a very warm response to my talk about John Oliver on LV21 at the Estuary Festival a few weeks ago , and I was given a number of useful leads, contacts and offers of help .
One contact was with journalist Peter Cook from the KM newspapers who writes the “Memories..”. column in the Medway area KM newspaper .
Peter interviewed me at length on Joliver Houseboat last week, and the article will be published with some photos on Friday Oct 7 .
I’m hoping this will jog someone’s memory and we’ll find some of John’s work from the 1950’s when he painted in and around Rochester.
My search for images of his work from Northampton Art College wasn’t successful as the student records of that time were lost in a fire ! However they did tell me his entry and leaving dates which was helpful.

I have a list of people still to interview who knew him well including Thames Sailing Barge owners .
Watch this space!

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